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Instruments update and musical style of the Baroque Era.

Baroque Instruments

Music of the Baroque period was mainly written and played for particular sites- churches, opera houses, and the nobility. In the Baroque period, churches were the primary channel for sacred music performance in Europe. Sacred music was composed mainly for organ, voice, or the combination of above two. The emergence of other instruments’ adoption in church music grew gradually throughout the Baroque period. Among those instruments, the very first one was the brass instrument, and it was followed by the string and wind for cantatas and oratorios. Opera combined elaborate sets…

Analyze A. Lyadov’s compositional techniques, elements, form, and
characteristics of his Barcarolle, Op. 44.


The focus of this study is to analyze Anatoly Lyadov’s composition techniques, elements, characteristics and musical form of his Barcarolle, Op. 44. Simple musical forms such as binary or ternary ones were adopted the most in A. Lyadov’s small-scale works. Despite most of his piano works are character pieces instead of large-scale ones, the use of a wide variety of musical ideas in these short pieces creates delicate, charming, well-formatted and high-quality fine piano works. This project also highlights the similarity between A. Lyadov’s piano works…

The Characteristics of Baroque Music

Handel’s Harpsichord. The great bulk of the repertoire for harpsichord was composed during its first historical flowering, the Renaissance and Baroque eras.


Emotional, ornamental, and dynamic are perhaps the words that used the most to describe Baroque art, including music. “Baroque” was originated in the Portuguese barroco, (means “oddly shaped pearl”). Since the 19th century, the term “baroque” has been adopted to describe a specific period in Western music from approximately 1600 A. D. to 1750 A. D.. This era followed the Renaissance, and was followed by the Classical era. Music from this period was mainly written and played for churches, opera houses, and the nobility.

Baroque music and art (painting, architecture, literature, etc.) tend to be…


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